Saturday, February 11, 2012

Off we go to Hakone - 27/01/12

Checked out on hotel and manage to have my luggage couriered to the new hotel giving us more time to explore the shinjuku area before we head to Hakone.

The shops was still close as we were early. So went for breakfast an walked around.
The romance car was very comfort Le. Bought a Mille crepe to enjoy along the way.

Hakone was very nice. The terminal area had a stretch of shops meant for tourist.

Checked into Okada. Had the semi jap semi western room. Had lunch we packed from shinjuku and headed for the onsen.

The hotel had an indoor and and outdoor onsen. But we went to the one next door as the scenery was prettier.

Experience my first snow fall and it was great.

Had dinner in the room and it was a feast.

Slept on futton bed.

Hakone - Tokyo 28/01/12

Last day at Hakone. Went for another round on onsen before checking out. Experience my first earthquake when i was naked in the bathhouse. Hahaha...
What an experience.

Walked around the bus terminal as we had time. The express train was to leave at 11.10am. But due to the earthquake this morning, the train was not in service!!! We had to take the normal train to Odawara and change to another train to Shinjuku. Double the time!! OMG!!! The journey was horrible. The seats were uncomfortable. But at least we had a seat. It was so crowded. An experience indeed.

Checked into hotel and took a train to Omotesando. Expensive area. All Atas shopping. Just breezed through the are and ended up in Harajuku. Walked daiso and had tempura for dinner before heading back to hotel.

Walked around hotel area and ni-chome. Had pizza.

Tokyo - 29/01/12

Had ramen near Harajuku before heading to Meiji shrine.

Meiji shrine was awesome. Though it was abit of a walk from the main gate. I enjoyed the slow walk and the coolness.

Saw a wedding ceremony and it was great.

Went to Shibuya after that. Went to Tokyo hands and did some shopping

Had shabu shabu for dinner and headed back to Shinjuku for our last night. Tried to find daiso and experience kabukichu.

Tokyo - 30/01/12

Last day in Tokyo

Had Raw abalone sushi which I didn't like it at all.

Shopped for phiten at takashimaya.

Took Narita express to airport and was served by a very friendly Japanese who visited Singapore a month ago and he loves Singapore and Singaporeans so much.

Time to go back to reality!