Friday, March 31, 2006

i-Suntec City...

Remember the raman I had at Suntec City? There was really nothing nice at the food court and I needed something soupy... Gladdy had the Curry Rice and Fried Chicken which was so so. Quite normal... the curry was very watery! Unlike those that you normally find in Jap Restaurant.

I had the Spicy Mince Meat Ramen which was horrible. It was oily and the noodles were undercook. It was very hard! No longer Q! I guess this is what you call food court noodles!

Thursday, March 30, 2006


"Gelato is NOT the same as your regular premium ice cream, which consist of a significant amount of butterfat while WE are made of MILK or FRUITS, depending on the flavor. Because of the difference in composition, Gelato is much LOWER IN FAT than premium ice cream. " -

That is what I like about Bravissimo... since I tried the one that is at Tangs Market Place, I fell in love with it! Their BLACK SESAME, BON BON ROCHER, MINT, DURAIN, LEMON are some of my favorites... (the fruit flavors are dairy-free).

They have outlets at the following places! Do try them if you pass by these places yeah! :-)

- Tangs Market Place #B1
- Paragon B1-K5
- Plaza Singapura #B2-39A
- Marina Square (Giant)

i-Crispy Chicken @ PS

I heard about this Deep Fried Chicken Stall (something like the famous Shi Lin Taiwan kind) from a friend long ago, he mentioned it was very nice and there is always a long queue for this snack. Since I was early, I decided to try that and there were just 6 people in front of me. Can wait I guess... but the girl in front of me ordered 5 pieces! WOW! So nice meh!?

Hmmm.... after waiting and trying it... actually what so nice about this ah? Chicken, coated with flour, deep fried, add in some spice powder and that is it... $3... ok.. the chicken breast meat is quite a huge potion! Did not even finish 1/4 of it as I did not like it at all and Gladdy was not around to help me eat it also... : (

i-New Cathay

The Cathay Cineplex, formally known as the Cathay Cinema along Handy Road is back in action

Beautiful place though it's just the cinema now! There will be shops and seems like going to compete with Plaza Sing that is just a stone throw away!

The curtains open in a traditional way before the ads start rolling... like a typical cinema in olden times.
We watched ICE AGE 2 tonight....

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Bought my tickets for PAMdemonium by PAM OEI Late Nite@Esplanade : presented by the Esplanade... Should be fun!

Join Singapore chilli padi Pam Oei in a night of fun-filled song and laughter! Pam will bring the house down as she belts out songs of rock, pop and jazz, backed up by an explosive live band and have you rolling in the aisles with her side-splitting brand of humour. Known and loved as an actor, comedian and singer, this pint-sized talent will also be performing some of her original compositions. To top off this unforgettable night, fellow Dim Sum Dollies - Selena Tan and Emma Yong - will make a delicious cameo appearance!

From 28 Apr 2006 (Fri), 9.30 PM to 29 Apr 2006 (Sat), 9.30 PM
Get your tickets from

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

i-Body Combat @ FES

Today's body combat class was very unusual... we did it outdoor.. can you spot me?

What has this got to do with a food blog... well.. eat so much also must keep fit ma! :-)

i-Planet Fitness

I go to this gym... and guess what they have there?

i-Dinner @ Amoy Street Market

We went to the Amoy Street to have Chuan Ji... but it was close.. so we went to the one behind it! If I am not wrong, this is a sister branch!We shared a Hor Fun, Pork Rib and a Beef with Kailan. The ribs at Chuan Ji is nicer. Not so fatty! The beef with kailan and hor fun was also very good!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

i-Va Va Voom Cafe

A new outlet located at Seah Street... Vietnamese Concept food.. ok.. Viet is not for me... very raw and very very green!

I ordered Grilled Lemongrass Pork Chop Tossed in Rice Vermicelli... it was full of raw cucumber, beansprouts, parsley, red chilli... alot of raw vege... I looked at it and looked at Wee and Gladdy... Gladdy volunteered to have mine.. So I had the Crispy Noodle topped with Stir Fried Beef instead. It was like Kway Teow Spread with Flour and Deep Fried and topped it off with Hor Fun sauce and slice beef before serving. I did not like it at all.. Taste weird! We were also recommended to have the salad... we had the Grilled Chicken Salad which was raw cabbage and alot of parsely, chopped chillie, basil, mint leaves... etc... ok.. you should know my verdict! :P

The only think that was nice was the Appetizers... Net Prawn Rolls which was like $1.50 each. Very expensive though... :)

36 Seah Street (Beside Raffles Hotel)
Tel: 6336 3360

We also went for the Asian Premiere of DOUBT!
Set against the backdrop of a Bronx Catholic school in 1964, Doubt tells a thrilling and powerful story about two nuns who suspect a priest of foul play with one of his students. Certain of his guilt, one nun continues to persecute the priest further. The other nun is torn between the seemingly harsh nun and the seemingly kind priest.

At the end, can participate in some sms game... GULTY, NOT GUILTY, CANNOT DECIDE... can win hotel stay... but we did not win anything leh! : (

i-Tuk Tuk Thai @ Suntec

We saw this Thai A La Carte buffet ($15.90++) at Suntec City a few weeks ago. Decided to try it today. Boy, were we disappointed! Thailand is known as the Land of the Thousand Smiles... but we did not see one from this place! The staff's face were stern, depressed and there was not even a slight spark/glitter in the eye! I wonder why!? Well... the manager too looked bored!

Our complain was not just for a smile... but the food too. The food were served cold.. imagine Cold Fried Eggs with Mince meat! The 2nd round of food also took very long to arrive... we did not have appetite to eat anymore when it arrived. Moreover, the food for the buffet was not very thai at all.. they had BBQ chicken (which was served cold and hard), Sambal Long Beans, Stir Fried Xiao Bai Cai, Omelet with Mince Pork, Stir fried chicken with Young Ginger, Toh Meow, Fried Cabbage with Tang Hoon, Crab meat roll (with not a single tinge of crab in it)... how thai are all these food... sounds very Tza Char to me... there wasn't even Green Curry or Pandan Chicken or something like that!

Thier dessert section was so so only.. their thai kueh were very very hard... must have been outside for a long time!

Perhaps their ala carte menu will be better! But I dun think I will come back here again... perhaps will try other branches.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

i-Makan Outlets at Suntec City

So many food outlets in Suntec City Fountain Area... a wide varity you can choose from... just some of the outlets I snapped... Tony Romas, Kenny Rogers, Swensons, Soup Rest, Nest Delights, Country Manna, Just noodles, Siam Kitchen, Ben & Jerry's, Surf & Turf, Rennthai, Fish & Co, Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao, Crystal Jade Kitchen, NYDC, Imperial Trasure, Sanur, Tonkichi... etc etc etc...

And a lastest addition akan datang will be MUTHU CURRY... yeah.. there will be an outlet here... looking forward to it! Must try!!

Went for the remake of the 1977 Horror Thriller of THE HILLS HAVE EYES with Andrew, Xiaowei, Shin and Gladdy.

The stort of how this family going to California accidentally goes through an Air Testing range closed to the public. They crash and are stranded in a desert. They are being stalked by a group of people, which have not emerged into modern times.

i-Morning Breakfast at Crystal Jade

Wonder if it was the Nasi Lemak... I felt a little of a sore throat... so decided to go for breakfast at Crystal Jade with Gladdy.

We had the 'Long Yu Pian' porridge also known as Sea Bream in english. We asked the captain to recommend us a fish porridge without bones and she recommended this. It is not in the menu, so you need to ask for it. It was a good recommendation. The fish was very fresh. It went well with the porridge. We also asked for addition Century Egg for Gladdy and Lean meat in my porridge too.

Friday, March 24, 2006

i-Power Nasi Lemak

I tried the Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak at last at the Tampines Pasar Malam after a q-ing for 20 mins. Yes... the queue was that long! How was it? Hmmm.. the chilli was nice I must say! Very very nasi lemak type...

I took some pictures of the man cooking the fried eggs. It was interested. He would dip the ring into a basin of oil... den crack open the egg and leave it there to cook.... I noticed the way he cracked the eggs... there were still some bits of shell inside... thus I did not order that! :P

The chicken wings were fried in a wok that looks dirty... as in the oil looks like it had not been changed... black and greasy... quite yakky!!

But overall… quite a good dinner!

i-Ribena Light

One of my fav drinks since my I was a child... RIBENA... and now I drink Ribena LIGHT...

Contains the same great taste and goodness of real blackcurrants minus the calories.
Ribena Light is made from real blackcurrants which are four times higher in Vitamin C than oranges. Is low in calories – Less than 25 calories per serve. This chilled drink will perk me up anytime!!

i-Jake's Place

It was Yueming's birthday... I promise to 'date' her out for dinner... she could not decide what to eat, so we went for Jack's Place and how we regretted it! Told myself never to come back again (to this branch at least). The dinner was not worth it at all. Cost about $75 and the steak was horrible.

We started with the soup, she had cream of chicken while I had the cream of shitake mushroom. My soup was a bit watery! And mind you... it was not the 'soup of the day' kind of thing which tend to be more watery! The garlic bread tasted abit sour.. i wonder if it was the garlic or the butter! But could not confirm what funny taste was that!

The calamari which cost $6.50 has about 15 rings... meaning 1 small cuttlefish ring cost about 50 cents! Wow! Expensive right? Hahahah...

The steak was up next! And we were disappointed. Firstly, the server did not ask if we wanted bake potato or fries which was what Yueming wanted. The steak we ordered was Medium Done... but it come out looking fully cooked... it was quite badly made!! It also tasted very 'sap sap'... do not know how to explain!

The dessert was Chocolate Almond ice cream for her which she said tasted very normal... sweet till bitter! Hmmm... what a fussy eater she is.... guess must be a bad birthday treat!! :P

Anyway... don't think I will eat their dinner anytime soon... maybe their set lunch which tends to be cheaper!

i-C-Jade Express

Business at C-Jade Express at the basement of Wisma Atria is booming. Everytime I walk pass, it is very crowded. It boasts an excellent location in the basement of Wisma Atria near the Orchard MRT entrance, taking over the space that used to be occupied by McDonald's. Human traffic along the corridor outside the eatery is among the busiest in Orchard Road. But not today! A weekday, 4pm... not so crowded, so we decided to try out some dim sum!

We just wanted something light, so we tried the Lotus Leave Rice, Prawn Paste Chicken Wing, a carrot cake and a water chestnut cake. Total cost $8.80 inclusive of 2 Soya Bean drinks. Is it expensive? Hmmm.....

435 Orchard Road,
#B1-18 Wisma Atria,
Tel: 6733-6326

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

i-Wah! Noogee house

Wah! Noogee house.... Wah! So expensive was also a comment made by Andrew the other time when we ate here.

This time, we went there as I missed the fragrant steamed rice with Chinese sausages ($6)... but I was very disappointed that the standard had dropped... it was no longer 'fragrant'... The HK Choy Sum was also overcooked... disappointed! :(


Wah! Noogee house
Carlton Hotel Singapore
Level 1, 76 Bras Basah Road
Tel: 6311-8250


Bakerzin, then known as Baker's Inn, opened its first modest outfit off Sembawang Road in 1998. Initially, the small patisserie concentrated on the wholesale business by supplying mainly French bread and pastries to well-known hotels and restaurants. Since then, it had established a reputation as an authentic French bakery which attracted consumers near and far.

We went to the one at Raffles City. 5 of us each ordered a drink + cake except Andrew who was on a 'diet'... but in the end... he finished 1/3 of his Rocher Chocolates... :PI ordered the Coconut one (sorry, dunno what is the name of it.. too many!)+Lime Mint Drink which look like errr.., just imagine the water after your mother wash her vegetable with all the remnants, bits and pieces of leaves in milky water! Quite gross looking!

Gladdy had Ice Lime Tea + Lavender and chocolate something… coated with thick chocolate.. the only thing is… where is the lavender?!

William had his Ice Mocha and his cake looked something like an architect structure. Layers of thin chocolate, moose, cream, chocolate… etc…

Xiaowei's drink looked like Ribena with Sprite... cake was 'DESIRE'… nice looking.. but… everyone said the taste was just so so…. Hahahah…

By the way... they do not serve ice water here too...

Raffles City Shopping Centre #01-18A/19
Tel: +65 6336 6006
Operating Hours:Sun - Thur: 10:30 am - 11 pm
Fri, Sat & Eve of Public Holiday: 10.30 am - 12 midnight

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

i-Petite Nouille

The Best Noodle Soup... Petite Nouille... (sorry, but how do you pronouce that?)

Now offering... 1 for 1 @$15.90. Main course+drinks+desserts. The soup base noodles is nice. I think they advertise it as some fibre+calcium soup base!

We ordered the BBQ Pork Rib and the Breaded Pork Chop. The Pork Rib was very tasty! But the Pork Chop was just so so... normal! Grilled Mid Wingswas $4.90. Quite tasty!

Feel that the 1 for 1 price is worth it!

Petite Nouilles
Marina Square, #02-168

Monday, March 20, 2006

i-Jia Xiang Sarawak Kuching Kolo Mee

We had the most expensive wanton mee today! The one we took had prawns, char siew, wantons and abalone! The noodles here are very curly, firm and quite QQ also… it is without the unpleasant taste of alkaline that you can sometimes find at noodle outlets.

The additional wanton soup was good too. We like the wanton though would be nicer if it was more meaty!

Jia Xiang Kuching Restaurant
271 New Bridge Road
Tel: 6557 0780

i-FES Mamak stall

This is the famous Mamak Stall at FES located just outside the ex-boom boom room.... we had our ICE LEMON LIME TEA, ICE LIME and ICE TEH there after gym... there is a ICE LIME GINGER... will try it next time! Wonder how will ICE LIME GINGER taste....

i-Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak

They have a stall inside the Pasar Malam that is now located just beside the Tampines MRT... Long queues... but the chicken wing looks good... quite huge! Must Try!

i-Hawaiian Host

Have never eaten this before.... and I like it... Of cos I did not eat the whole box... I shared a small package of 2 pieces with Gladdy! - the whole MACADAMIAS was so nice!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

i-Pink Grapefruit from SUNRAYSIA

If you happen to see this drink... try it!! It is good!!

i-Puay Heng

Just behind the FES Planet Fitness, there is this Famous Mince Pork Noodles (Bah Chok Mee)Besides bak chor mee, they have other offerings like sliced fish noodles and mini hot pot with noodles. Across the noodle stall was another stall selling chicken rice. We had a later dinner after gym, so I wanted something healthy. I opted for Fish Soup Bee Hoon while Gladdy had the Mini Hot Pot noodles. Had not had dinner with Gladdy for the past 2 days!

Guess with have dinner often here after gym as the food is not bad! Only minus point is that they close so early!

Puay Heng Noodle House
23 China Street #01-01
China House Far East Square
Tel: 65366707

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

i-Ramen @ Suntec

Japanese Beef Ramen $4.50) from Suntec Food Court. Thought it looks simple... I got to admit that the noodles very cruchy and springy! Nice... you can say that there is Q-ness!! At least this one not full of parsley!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

i-Eks! My noodles full of Parsley!

All I wanted was a nice simple dinner.... and lo and behold... my noodles was full of yakky Parsely! For those who knows me... I hate Parsley! I do not take to that smell at all!! Yaks!

Monday, March 13, 2006

i-Orange Juice

Try this... the Sacs is plentiful and it is not too sweet!! :) $1 only from all NTUC... :)

Sunday, March 12, 2006

i-Imperial Treasure Teochew Kitchen

Imperial Treasure Teochew Kitchen is just two doors away from a Crystal Jade Kitchen, and another door down from a Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao branch.

Marinated dishes are a standard feature at any Teochew establishment. We ordered sliced Roast Goose, Pork Neck and Cuttlefish($14) ... it was first class. The Pork Neck was very crunchy and you would think that there was alot of fat in it. But in actual fact, there was none. It was all lean meat! Good dish!

We also ordered the Pig Stomach soup($6) which needed more pepper! The soup also went well with my rice!

The above dish is Beef with Kailan and Satay Sauce ($12) We did not even think it tasted like satay sauce at all! Wonder why they called it satay sauce for this dish!

Imperial Treasure Teochew Kitchen #B1-011, Suntec City Mall. Tel: 6339-3118

i-Liang Seah Street

We had lunch at Liang Seah Street before heading down to the IT SHOW 2006 at Suntec City... the IT Show was so crowded! I did not even remember what I saw there... just throngs of ppl...

Anyway, we been eating here quite often, always order the TZA CHAR... never did we expect the Chicken Rice to be so nice also! The chicken meat was tender and not bloody... the rice was not oily at all! That is the type of rice I like... chicken rice can be very FATTENING you know! Thank goodness theirs is the 'not so oily' version! Of cos, I take careful attention not to eat the skin too!

Their bean sprouts with salted fish was very yummy-li-cious too... the sprouts were cook just nice... not too raw which I hate!! :)

Saturday, March 11, 2006

i-Fatty Ox Hong Kong Roast Duck

We had dinner along Murray Terrace – FATTY OX HONG KONG ROAST DUCK. Nested among many eateries, we decided to try this one cos of the beautifully roasted ducks hanging inside the shop. We were seated outside and the night was cooling! A tip here... do clean your utensils before you use them if you are sitting outside... there can be quite alot of dust!!

We ordered their Suckling Pig Combo ($18) came with Famous Roasted duck and Char Siew. All the meat was very tender and not very fat too. It was very nicely done and the Suckling Pig was very crispy! The sweet sauce complimented the dish very well.

Their so called soup-of-the-day was Double boiled Winter Melon with Pork Ribs. For $4, it was very worth it! Can taste that the soup had been in the steamer for many hours! Thick and full of punch! Yummy.... Never had these kind of soup for a very LONG TIME.. hmmm maybe since my grandma pass away! Very good... must try this soup the next time when we are there again.

The Braised Fish Head ($20)…. We were so full by then that we did not even eat this… YES... you heard it... we were SO FULL only after 2 of the above dishes? Why... maybe it was the soup that we had! We finish to the very last drop. I mixed it with my rice and it just went so well for me! Anyway, we just took alittle of the fish and decided to pack it back for my mum!! Mummy... hope you will like this!

Friday, March 10, 2006

i-Tiong Bahru Market

Yummy Toasted Rojak which had a very long queue.. ordered 1 You Tiao, 1 Tow Pok, 1 Pi Tan, 1 Cuttlefish.. ($3.60)

Mix Porridge with Extra Fried Crispy Intestine! Actually... they just put the ingredient into the bowl... scoop the hot porridge over it and ta-dah... $5 (expensive hor?!)

The another very long queue Chicken Rice ($3) .... quite tasty leh... hmmm.. another winner here! I like the thick black sauce that came with it. Gladdy like the chilli though I find it rather spicy!

Thursday, March 9, 2006

i-Lau Hock Kian

Lau Hock Kian, or "Old Fujian", at Amoy Street has been around for 50 years and is regarded as one of Singapore's iconic restaurants. We had our dinner there amd we only ordered the Crispy Chicken and their Hokkien Mee since it is famous there.

The Crispy chicken ($18) was very good. The meat was very crispy and the sesame seed under the skin added the fragrant to the dish. With the chilli sauce, this dish was YUMMY!

The hookien mee cooked the with yellow noodles and simmered in a dark soya sauce gravy with slices of pork, seafood and chye sim. Just before serving, pieces of deep-fried lard are sprinkled on top. The gravy was tasty!

We ended our dinner with a Yam Paste and we were surprise to find water chest nuts in it! Adds some crunch into the whole thing!

LAU HOCK KIAN 101/102 Amoy Street,
Tel: 6323-1612
Opening hours: 11.30am to 3pm, 6 to 10pm, closed on Mondays