Friday, January 15, 2010

IPPUDO SG at Meritus Mandarin

The difference between the Red and White bowl is that the white bowl is meant for their original recipe pork soup ramen, while the red bowl is for the pork soup ramen plus a special miso ball and garlic oil.

Preferred this version to the white bowl... as the white bowl has a strong ginger smell to it... somehow I prefer garlic to ginger!

After hearing and reading raves about Ippudo... i still prefer tampopo anytime!


Evergreen favourite...

Would you go for this or Starbuck??

I will go for this!! Anytime!

Pow Sing

Serangoon Garden.... usually you will come here for Chomp Chomp... Aston... but decided to try something different... So we walked into Pow Sing... See how mountain turtle I am... this place is suppose to served the most famous Hainan Chicken Rice and Peranakan food... yet this is my first visit!

Overall the food was not bad... and these are what we ate!

Ngoh Hiang $8
Small bits of water chestnuts.. mixed with prawns and meat.. it was fried till cripsy and it was good!

Chicken Meat $4
We found it to be ok only! Oooops!!!

Nonya Cabbage Roll $8
Quite unique right? Otah wrapped in Cabbage with curry sauces... nice!

Bakwan Kepeting Soup $8
It was so so... there was no crab meat in to... maybe too little...

Well... will be back to try other dishes the next time... read their Fried Cuttlefish and the Pork Rib is good too!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Old bugis Kway Chap - Since 1973

Visited the new Sengkang Kopitiam Square for dinner and chance upon this very traditional Kway Chap Stall. I'm a Kway Chap fan but seldom get to eat nice ones... the usual flare like Yu Kee and those found in food court. I remember when I was in BKK, I ate some nice Kway Chap like thingy that is served with rice and I am please to find it at this store. However, I did not try it that day as I wanted to try their Kueh...

Had their Kway Chap set with Big Trotters and I must say it turned out better than I have expected!

They serve with the usual beancurd, eggs, fish cake, belly pork, intestine and Pig Skin... I must say that I find the pig skin to be good... without the hair i usually find in other places.

I would like to recommend their pig trotters for the soft and tender meat... not too fatty also... and their salted vegetable is quite unique... very cantonese style...

I will be back for more.... =)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gallery's By the Straits at Sembawang SAF Yacht Club

This is a really ulu place at the north part of Singapore... where it was said Mas Selamat use this place to escape....

Tried their Curry Fish Head many have raved about.

Served in a claypot.. but would be better if there was a stoved or something under it... they use the lighted fuel that you ppl use in food court for the Xiao Wan Mian... it went off quite fast and the dish turned cold....

It was very lemak... you will need to do more exercise after this dish... clogs up your arteries!

Pi Pa Dou Foo.... it was ok... not too oily and the mixed it with some seafood paste and deep fried it...

Yuan Yang Prawns
Wasabi and Cereal
Unique and fresh... this 4 prawns cost $24...