Tuesday, February 28, 2006

i-Crystal Jade La-Mian Xiao Long Bao

I had dinner with Gladdy, XM, Ben and LS at Ngee Ann City, settled for Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao. Ordered 2 baskets of XiaoLongBao, I came to realise that so far, the best XLB I had ever eaten was the one at Koo Kee at Suntec City. Gladdy agreed with it too.
The rest of the dishes I find them very oily! So it did not go well with me!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

i-Bedok Reservoir

There is a coffee shop near the Bedok Reservoir area. I went there for dinner! Had Hor fun and Satay. The hor fun which is from the Tze Char store is so so only! Though it looks nice outwardly, there wasn’t the oomph in the dish!

The Satay on the other hand though looks simple but packs the good taste! The sauce deserves to be mentioned. Thick and simply…. YUMMY! Many other things to eat here… the Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodles looks nice!

A good thing to do after dinner at this place is to take a slow walk round the reservoir after dinner! Just enjoy the breeze and the stars… learn something about the Orion Star today!

Friday, February 24, 2006

i-Beppu Menkan

D: Movie starting at 7.15pm leh! (looks at watch, 6.30pm)
G: Tiong Bahru market?
D: No time... lazy... so far! Look around here la!
G: Remember the paper steamboat we saw last time? Wanna try?
D: Hmmm... ok!

Watching FINAL DESTINATION 3 today! Btw, the show is just so so only! Not as horrible/bloody as the 1 & 2. Thus... just watch only if you got the time and the extra cash!

Ha... back to my food review! We were the first customer there, I guess 6.30pm was too early for ppl of Tiong Bahru! Complimentary Green Peas for early birds! The menu has alot of typical japanese food... price range was so so.

We ordered the Beepu Ramen ($12.80). Consist of everything according to the menu. There was 1 Prawn, 1 Mussels, 1 Scallop, 1 Crab Stick, slices of Char Siew and some vegetables. So... not really alot la! The ramen was good. It has the Q-ness in it and the soup was also tasty! You can choose the different levels of spiciness for the soup! I tried the level 1 only. It was alright for me. Perhaps a good level will be 2-3.

Gladdy tried the Beef Paper Pot (promotional price $8.80). Add $1 and you get Age Dashi Tofu with a can of coke! Not bad ah! As you can see from the picture, there was a generous amount of beef and vegetable. So it is quite worth it!

Beppu Menkan – Tiong Bahru Plaza
Tel: 6273 0013

Thursday, February 23, 2006

i-Bao Lo Wang Xiang

This is the new 24 hrs Dim Sum makan place that is now advertising themselves on the local media. Located at Lau Pa Sat, it has a selection of the usual dim sum flare.

One word describes the whole experience! HORRIBLE!

The service was bad, the food was rather tasteless, especially the fried yam cake. We thought perhaps the black sweet sauce was missing, so we asked the girl at the counter if they have some sweet sauce for the dish, she replied with a ‘can’t you see the sauce is already on the table’ attitude! Well, the table only had chillie , soya sauce, pepper and toothpick! What I asked was sweet sauce. Anyway, I thought she could be friendlier!

The He Ye Fan was rather bland and was not hot inside. The food though was re-stream before being serve turned cold quite fast. I suspect the food was not streamed long enough. There were hardly many tables when I was there, thus, I could not understand why they could not stream the food longer! Gladdy said that perhaps it was the fan

Anyway, this place will be a NO NO for me! :(

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

i-kenny rogers

Not been here for ages… chicken abit smaller then last time. No macaroni cheese for my Gladdy today, so settled for the pasta! (above is what Gladdy ate) Still, it was quite a pleasant place to dine. Kenny Rogers is a healthy alternative to fried chicken. Their famous home cooked muffins was also good, especially the crust.


Suntec City Mall 3 Temasek Boulevard, #B1-064, Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983 Ph : 6337 2815 , 6337 1235

Great World City 1 Kim Seng Promenade, #01-06, Great World City, Singapore 237994 Ph : 6734 9492 , 6735 0168 , 6737 1235

1000, East Coast Parkway, Singapore 449879 Ph : 6876 1678, 6876 1676

Monday, February 20, 2006

i-koo kee house

2nd time back at this place! Must try! The Xiao Long Bao ($5) was good... Pork rib with La Mian ($6.90) very juicy and tender! The fried silver fish ($6) deserves to be recommended. I did not expect it to be so nice actually! But it turned out fantastic! We also had the Zha Jiang Mia! ($6.90)

Located inside the food court at Suntec City, the food is good! Reasonable pricing too! And best of all... do not need to fight for seats like those at the food court as they have their own seating place! Should go back again!

i-homemade mee siam

*Beep beep* Hey, I cooked mee siam for lunch. wanna come later? :-D

Got the sms from XM. Wow... our chef is cooking mee siam today! Home-made lunch?! Why not!
We went over and it WOWed us! It was abundance! The mee siam alone look like it could feed 15-20 ppl and he only invited 3 person over! I had a bowl and was very full already! How is he going to finish the whole bucket of mee siam, I wonder!

The sambal chillie sauce with ikan billis deserves to be mentioned here! It was tasty! It was delicious and it was supered! I wish I could tabao back and eat it with bread! It was simply yummy-licious!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

i-taste of thailand

This restaurant has been serving up chinese-Thai dishes in Sembawang Shopping Centre for many years. Taste of Thailand, seems to cater to residence in Sembawang/Yishun area! But in facts, foodies from all over Singapore come here through word of mouth recommendations of friends. I heard of this place many times but it's simply too out of the way for me to eat there! And since I was at Sembawang over the weekend, I decided to give it a try! We were there early, about 5plus, it was already quite crowded, but manage to get a table by the window without much of a problem!We ordered the Deep-Fried Fish($12), Pineapple Rice($3) and Deer meat($12) as recommended by the waiter. The fish was nice with the chillie sauce, the pineapple rice was so so only! The deer meat was quite expensive! I think we ordered the wrong food... cos as while we were waiting for the food (which did not take very long) I decided to walk a round to see what ppl were eating! Tom yum soup, pineapple fried rice and deep-fried cuttle fish and deep fried fish seems to be the order of the day! I would say the food is good... cheap too (from the menu, a plate of kailan was $3)... and crowded! Cos by the time we finish the dinner which was in less den half and hour, queues were quite long already!

Friday, February 17, 2006

i-dinner time!

Today was a frustrating day at work! Thus, I decided to give myself a treat!
Yu Kee Duck Rice. I like this particular store very much! Anyway, since I wanted to reward myself for a hard days work! I ordered an extra side dish too! Carrot Cake!


Oranges.... so many leftovers from CNY!... what should I do with all of them? They do look juicy thoug! Ok... peel 1 more to eat!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

i-bq korea

'An-Yong-Ha-Seh-yo' - Tried the bq Korea at Far East Sq. It was very quiet when we were there. We were the only customer. It makes me wonder if business is that bad in this area at night. But then again, I walked in at 9pm.

I browse through and ordered the Ginseng Chicken Soup, Saba set and Juicy tender beef!
First up were the appetizers. Indeed an impressive start I must say! Kimchi, some salad, Ikan Bilis, peanuts in sweet sauce, egg and some seafood patty.
The 1st dish up was the Grilled Saba. Look like it had been in the frying pan a wee bit too long. It looked dried and stiff… but do not be fool by the look, it was very tasty and the meat was just right. Though I wished the potion was bigger. But then again, it only cost $9.90.
The Ginseng Chicken ($12.90) came in a boiling clay pot. I tried it and found the Ginseng taste too powerful! We were into yet another debate if Ginseng is heaty or a cooling thing! We could not come to a conclusion. Thus, I played it safe and only ate the chicken while J can have the soup!

We also ordered the Juicy Tender beef ($8). My advice! Don’t try! Enough said!


Where can you go for a 'cheapo' getaway with inexpensive but good food? We packed our bags and headed down to Kuala Lumpur... wanted a relax yet a gastronomic adventure.... and these are what we conquered!
This is a must eat thing in KL. The Fried Hokkien Mee! We found this in Chinatown after walking around wondering which stall we should go to. Ended up this one we went to was not so bad! Black, thick and juicy! 2 word.... Super Shiok! Very different from those you find in Singapore I must say.

Lok Lok or Dip dip as I affectionately know it as... my dad use to bring us to the one at Gay World before they were demolished! And I miss it! I know there are still some places with this in Singapore, but I could not resist it when I saw in on the streets in KL. I am someone who loves satay sauce and to me, good satay sauce goes well with everything!

Secret Recipe - Should eat here when in Malaysia, simply because it is very cheap and quite good too! After converting back to SG dollars, my Dory Fish with Lobster Sauce only cost me less den $10.

We went to Jalan Alor and decided to dine at the corner restaurant which seems slightly higher class compared to those by the road side. We ordered their Famous Fried Pork Ribs with Herbs, 2 taste Kailan, Special Sauce Big Headed River Prawns, and Bamboo Clams. The Ribs were good except that it was slightly too fatty! The good thing was the kalian, I am not someone who goes gaga over veggie, but I ate this as it was very tasty, I do not know it if was the way the dish was cooked, but the Kailan was very juicy! The bamboo clams were ordinary. We wanted the stream clams with garlic, however, the boss recommended the Kung Pao which was just so so! The highlight was the prawns, @RM15 per 100gms, and the boss was saying that 1 prawn will weight up to 100-150grams! But we were quite disappointed that the prawns were rather small. Nevertheless, the sauce was super duper delicious and tasty!

i-crystal jade

Poor me.. having an ulcer, so J insist that we eat porridge! Crystal Jade's porridge is yum yum! We ordered the Meat Ball Porridge and the Century Egg With Lean Meat. Nice!

We also wanted something to add on, thus ordered the Sea Bass with Black Bean paste. We have tried this at a few Crystal Jade, but this one is very salty! The paste was very thick and it was not evenly spread! So... must remember, cannot have this dish in GWC. The one at TPY and TM is good.

i-mince meat with salted fish

Don't you think traditional food brings you fond memories? Somehow this dish brings back memories of my Grandmother who use to cook this dish for us when we were young! Salted fish with mince meat! Streamed till yummy-li-cious!

This one above is from Joo Heng along Joo Chiat. So traditional that you can see the whole slice of salted fish! Goes well with white rice!

This one is from Crystal Jade, they added water chestnuts in it and also alot of mince ginger. Did not really like the ginger smell though! It was also a little bit dry and the salted fince was mixed with garlic bits, thus the fragrance of the salted fish was somehow very mixed up! My grandma's cooking was still the best!

i-freshly hand made bun

I would like to recommend this little shop along Joo Chiat. As you can see, the shop sells 'bao'. Nice yummy ones in fact! Tried the Char Siew, Da Bao and the He Ye Fan. The He Ye Fan deserves mention here. @ $3.50 each, it was very tasty! There were chicken, mushroom, salted egg, lup cheong in it. Sounds like any other He Ye Fan? But the seasoning used here tasted good and I felt that it was comparable to those serves in High Class Dim Sum place! The fragrance of the lotus leave was simply amazing. It was not too strong, yet you could taste the sweet smelling flavour in it! Drop by if you are along Joo Chiat, get your breakfast or snacks! But beware though, the service is very bad, the girl at the counter was having one hell of a foul mood when I was there that day!

Friday, February 10, 2006

i-BBQ fish

Gladdy and myself walked around the Sengkang Food Court and decided on the Korean Mackeral with BBQ Sauce! Somehow the sauce did not go so well with the fish! I suspect that the sauce they use are the same one as meat, thus mixing it with seafood is not very ideal! Quite worth it though! Half of the fish, soup with some vege, fishball and crabstick. It came with rice too! @$5.50! We also ordered a Beef Briskets with Kailan ($4.50)! I find this dish very tasty and the beef was very nicely done! Not too tough! A cheap and good meal for the 2...... $10!

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

i-new taiwan

Had dinner at the NEW TAIWAN PORRIDGE RESTAURANT along Amoy Street after gym! We were the only customer there. Wonder if it was because it was late or business was like this on a weekday! We had Steam Pork with Salted Egg ($5), Chai Poh Omelete ($4), Slice Fish with Oat ($10), Golden Mushroom with Chicken slice ($8)!

The salted egg on the Stream Mince pork was very nice! It went well with the porridge!

i-Corel Bistro

I had the best reunion dinner with my brothers tonight! It was cheap and good and we had the floor upper level of the place to ourselves! Yes, we were at the Coral Bistro again after much consideration between Huat Kee Teochew Restaurant and this. We did not regret our decision!

We reserved a table for 13. The table was huge, just that the chairs were too majestic! Thus, having 13 huge chairs to 1 huge table was rather cramp! Thank goodness 2 of my bros backed out! So 11 of us sat comfortably!

The first dish was Salmon Yusheng ($28), we ordered a medium size one as we just wanted to ‘Lo’ for fun! To our surprise, it was a rather huge potion! XM commented that this could easily cost $48 outside! The Yusheng was tossed and it was all messy! But we enjoyed it very much!

Next dish was Indonesian Curry Fish head ($16) and a Grouper Steam Boat ($25). It went down well with everyone, but some commented the Curry Fish Head was too spicy for them! The Steam Boat was tasty, there were quite a lot of fish meat inside that pot! I felt that more pepper for the soup will be better!

Next was their Coral Special Tofu ($15). According to the waitress, they made the tofu themselves, smashed it, add in meat, fried it till golden brown and serve with Mayo. It tasted very excellent! Lip-smacking in fact! I personally do not like Tofu, but this dish went down well for me!
The Fried Prawns with Oats ($30) was next! We calculated, each prawns $2 each! We were debating how this dish should be eaten, with or without the shell! Well, as usual, the dish was gone in a few mins! Up next was the Pork with Orange Sauce ($20). It was Yummy! But I found the portion abit too small for our table of big eaters! Fried Fritters with Squid Paste ($15) was next. They enhance the taste by adding pork floss to it! It brought a unique taste to the whole dish! Something new! But the mayo made the dish slightly too soggy! Chicken with Thai sauce ($20) was next! It was covered with Basil, mint, onion and all the thai ingredients which I personally did not fancy! We were quite full by then and did not finish this dish!

Mushroom with Broccoli ($20). The last dish before dessert! The mushrooms were braised and we did not finish this too as were were exploding! Dessert was Orh Nee with Pumpkin ($25), Very thick paste and I felt very jalat!

The whole dinner cost about $280 (with rice, drinks & GST). There was no service charge or CESS. A good place for a good hearty meal!

CORAL BISTRO 269 Beach Road (Opposite Plaza Hotel) Tel: 6396 8451. They have a website too! http://www.coralbistro.com/coralmain_content.html

Monday, February 6, 2006

i-chin chin

I love Hainanese chicken rice. But I have not tried Chin Chin in their new location yet!

Verdict: Still prefer Chinatown Food Centre 2nd level and Tian Tian Chicken Rice at Maxwell Market.

Reason being, I find the rice at Chin Chin not that not that fragrant and fluffy, the chicken was tender, that is without a doubt! But the rice plays a very important part for the whole chicken rice experience too.

Chin Chin Eating House - 19 Purvis Street Singapore 188598 Tel: (65) 6337 4640

i-gan1 zhe4 shui3

Sugar Cane = gan1-zhe4-shui3

Hot humid weather in Singapore! What would be the best remedy? A cooling cup of sugar cane drink!

And there are Natural Benefits and Curative Properties

Sugarcane juice has many medicinal properties. It strengthens the stomach, kidneys, heart, eyes, brain and sex organs.

The juice is beneficial in fevers. In febrile disorders which causes [ever, when there is great protein loss, liberal intake of sugarcane juice supplies the body with necessary protein and other food elements.

Genito-urinary Disorders
Sugarcane is very useful in scanty urination. It keeps the urinary flow clear and helps the kidneys to perform their functions properly. It is also valuable in burning micturation due to high acidity, gonorrhea, enlarged prostate, cyctitis and nepthritis. For better results, it should be mixed with lime-juice, ginger juice and coconut water.

Mixed with lime juice, it can hasten recovery from jaundice. It is, however, very essential that the juice, must be clean, preferably prepared at home. Resistance is low in hepatitis and any infected beverage could make matters worse.

Weak Teeth
The juice sucked from the sugarcane can prove highly valuable in case of weak teeth due to lack of proper exercise resulting from excessive use of soft foods. It gives a form of exercise to the teeth and makes them strong. It also keeps the teeth clean and increases their life.

What to put on weight?
Sugarcane juice is a fattening food. It is thus an effective remedy for thinness. Rapid gain in weight can be achieved by its regular use.

Eye Disorders
The dew which collects on the long leaves of sugarcane is useful in several eye disorders. When instilled in the eyes, it is an effective medicine in defective vision, cataract, conjunctivitis, burning of the eyes and eye-strain after excessive reading.

Saturday, February 4, 2006


A: Your food blog is getting boring! You just post pictures of what you ate and that is all!
i-makan: Yes, that is what I want it to be!
A: Can you write more things?
imakan: But this is how I want it to be! A Makan Blog!
A: Boring!

Well... you cannot please everyone right?