Sunday, April 30, 2006

Ramen @ Marina Sq

One of the TOP 10 Ramen as published in the STRAITS TIMES recently! In the mood for RAMEN (been eating it for the past 2 days already)

Ambience is nice, the Menu says the RAMEN is with COLLOGEN. But we feel that there was MSG in it.. we felt thirsty after awhile.

The scallop was not fresh. I spit it out almost immediately!

Still prefer the one at Orchard Plaza; Ken Noodles! :)

Saturday, April 29, 2006


‘Pamdemonium’ tonight at the Esplanade, Pam Oei rocks!

Accompanied by a band that she called "CAN-BAND', she belts out the rockest songs you have heard! Imagine MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB in rock version?! A small dainty girl like her has a powerful vocals indeed! ‘I will survive’ is worth the price of admission ticket. I also like 'such and such" and the song she wrote for her late parents.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Fish and Chips @ Kallang5

Just opposite the Kallang MRT station, there is a new coffee shop. Decided to try this new stall called the CAFE WOK INN, serving fish and chips... looking at the write up by the local media, I thought it should be quite nice... however, was disappointed! It was fishy and the batter was quite lousy! I did not like it at all!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Soup Restaurant @ Causeway Point

We settled down at Soup Restaurant for dinner, haven't eaten that for quite a while already so I thought it would be a good idea. Guessed it wasn't a bad decision. We ordered the famous Ginger sauce steam chicken, oh it was really good, especially when you wrap the chicken with lettuce and the sauce. The Beggar's ribs were ok, meat was good but I thought the red roast sauce was a little too thick and bitter. The Claypot toufu wasn't too bad, nice sauce although it could be less sweet. Lastly, the Lotus pork soup was light and tasty. On the whole it was a hearty meal, I was so full I didn't even finish my rice! - written by Gladdy

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

House of Thailand @ Sembawang Shopping Centre

Manage to get 1 day off reservist... headed down to Sembawang Shopping Centre for a good meal... ordered the Thai Chilli Crab this time round.... not bad... quite nice... whole meal cost $35...

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

i-Sexy Fundoshi

Taken from Hossan's blog
The Magic Fundoshi opens tonight. The Set is beautiful (Ivan Heng), the costumes are fabulous ( Mothar Kassim, winner of best costume design 2006), the Lighting design is super (Yo Shao An, designer extraodinaire) and what can I say? Glen Goei’s direction! First 8 shows are sold out and it’s going fast. Do come and support, it’s not going to be your normal average ‘Singlish’ play. Come and expand your horizons! Trust me…there’ll be lots of fleshy, I mean, flashy stuff.

Really something different... not your typical singlish play! And lots of flesh as he mentioned! There was even a red light buld to warn you for 'scenes' so that you can do you own "self-censorship"

My thoughts for the play? A good laugh I enjoyed I would say. The Magical Fundoshi was made up of 3 plots actually, each playing on the issue of dishonest as least it was to me. Story-wise was rather common and the jokes quite slapstick, but they didn't fail to make me crack up nonetheless. However, the props, costumes were commendable and the casts were impressive with their expressive delivery of the tightly scripted dialogues. Last but not least, the "SPECIAL" appearance by Emma Yong really left such an impact that I was totally taken aback by. How so? You would have to go see it to find out for yourself! - Gladdy

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

i-Dian Xiao Er

Dinner at Marina before watching The Magic Fundoshi. As we had some time, we decided on Dian Xiao Er at Marina Sq...

Ordered Ginseng Roast Duck ($12.80) which was so nice... the duck was juciy and the ginseng essence was simply delicious! The Mongolian Spareribs ($10.80) was fried till golden brown... it was crispy and the seasoning was full of flavour! Kailan with Salted fish (8.30) was a unique dish. Normally you will find Kailan with beef, fish, mushroom... this was with salted fish which made the dish go very well with rice! We also had the soup of the day ($4) which was white carrot with ribs... it was very saltish so we ask to change to another bowl.

If you go early.. i think before 6pm, you get a 12% discount...

Dian Xiao Er
#02-203, Marina Sq
Tel: 6337 1928

i-The Magic Fundoshi

Watching this tonight!

Lust… Desire... Sex… Underwear?!
The Magic Fundoshi is a saucy comedy made up of three parables poking fun at human frailties and our fleshly instincts.

With naughtily sparkling wit, wacky slapstick action and sumptuous sets and costumes, The Magic Fundoshi promises an exuberant evening of pure unadulterated joy!

Glen Goei sets out to outdo last year’s smash hit comedy Boeing Boeing with a brand-new revival of his award winning production.

This exciting production stars an outstanding ensemble comprising Singapore’s favourite and most versatile comedians: Hossan Leong, Jonathan Lim, Koh Boon Pin, Robin Goh and a special appearance by Emma Yong.

The Perfect Servants
The servants of two noble Japanese households are willing to do anything and everything to uphold the public reputations of their lazy master and mistress. Their determination to keep up appearances leads to hilarious consequences when they find themselves staging a passionate courtship on behalf of their employers – from writing letters and serenades, to a full-blown hair-down legs-up lovers’ rendezvous!!

The Magic Fundoshi
Taro-Kaja has left his fundoshi at his mistress’ home, and must find a replacement before his wife discovers his infidelity. With a cunning strategy inspired by “the emperor’s new clothes”, he tricks a passing samurai into giving up his fundoshi (loin cloth) in exchange for a ‘magic’ one - which is only visible to adoring female eyes!

The Misplaced Goddess
When the revealingly-dressed statue of the Goddess of Love and Potency goes missing, two sham priests and two lecherous pilgrims frantically take turns posing as the statue to avoid being accused of stealing it. The shenanigans escalate into a riotous wild-goose chase - but there’s more to come! Soon, the Goddess herself appears….

Opens: 7 APRIL 2006 Previews: 4-6 APRIL 2006
8:00 pm Tuesday to Sunday 4:00 pm Saturday and Sunday
Drama Centre @ National Library
Get your tickets from

Sunday, April 2, 2006

i-Eng Seng Pepper Crab

Rainy day! We thought it would be a good idea to go for some spicy! And we just finish Japan Hour and a cooking show both featuring crab dished... we decided to head down to Eng Seng along Still Road to have the famous pepper crab. We reached there at 5.30pm and thought we would be early... lo and behold.. there was already a queue. We joined in were like the 5th in the queue! The tables were all full and everyone was enjoying their crab! When it was our turn to be seated, the queue was all the way to the bus stop! Horrendous... So after 30 mins in the queue and another 30 mins of waiting for the food, we got our reward! 3 medium size crab ($70)

Look at the huge claw... meat was fresh, succulent and the sauce was.... super delicious! The black pepper sauce was so good that you just want to lick everything off the shell... yes... that was what I did...

To me... this is one of the Best Pepper crab you can find in Singapore.... But do go early though... the crabs will normally be sold out by 7.30pm or so during the weekends!

i-Vientai Kitchen

Lazy sunday! Walked around Tampines Mall and did not know what to eat! Settled on Vientai as it was not crowded at the time!

I decided to try something different. Tried the Peanut Noodles ($6). The soup was very thick and I did not like it at all. The noodles were rather soggy and the soup base was very over powering with the peanut paste. I thought for awhile I was having noodles with peanut butter. Gladdy helped me by eating half of it. Prawn Patties ($5.70) and Black Pepper beef ($6.70) was our side dish. Gladdy had the BBQ seafood rice ($12) which was nothing Viet or Thai.. if not for the chilli. We ordered Barley ($3) and Watermelon Lime ($5) to complete the meal.

Saturday, April 1, 2006

i-Chocolates! Nice to look at!

Look at these little heart shape chocolate pack in boxes.. with blue silver ribbons on them! Aren't they lovely!?
So much variety... from mint to nuts to fruits!
But they do not have the one I like... Sesame! So sad :(

Anyone knows where to get Sesame Chocolate? Can advise? I tried some at a Conrads buffet last year and they are no longer serving it! I miss it!

i-Changing Appetites @ Marina Sq

At last, we're back at Changing Appetites after not going there for 3 months! Can have my Deep Wave Skater (Sting Ray in Fish and Chips style) again!

This time round, Wee ordered a Garden Salad ($4.90) and Spice Me Up ($11.90) which was actually Kung Po Chicken with Spaghetti... I had the Soup of the day ($3.90) and Deep Wave Skater ($12.50) while Gladdy had Ca-Bonara ($12.90) which was simple too thick for our liking. The one at Cafe Cartel was nicer!

We also had the lychee Kooler and the Pineapple Breeze ($6.90 each) that came in a huge jar like those you see being served in some pubs. But it is totally worth the money here because they use real cut fruits to blend the drink instead of using Grenadine like the pubs would do!

We were too full and did not have 'space' for their dessert which was also good. Well... got to wait for another time I guess!

Changing Appetites
Marina Sq #01-204/205
Tel: 6339-7670
Open: Noon-9.30pm (Monday-Thursday)
11.30am-9.30pm (Friday-Sunday)

i-Soon Heng (Zion Road)

Brought Gladdy to the Chinese Physician along Zion Road. Stopped by the old Zion Road market to have lunch. 2 stores caught our eyes. Both almost identical. Selling roasted meats... char siew, siew yoke, duck, chicken, ribs and sausages.

Could not decide which stall to eat! 1 is named Seng Kee, the other is Soon Heng. We decides to try Soon Heng because of... actually, we just decided on that stall without any particular reason! Feng Shui? Ha! Not sure!

The ordered the Roast Duck, Char Siew, Ribs and Sausage. 2 Rice.. cost $10.60, not too bad ah, the portion was generous! The Char Siew, Ribs was to my liking! Not the duck though, it was rather tough, perhaps cos it was the breast meat! Should have ask for the thigh instead. The Sausages was a tat too oily for me!

While waiting, we look at the store and realised the difference! Seng Kee had noodles while the one we had did not! Anyway, it was a good and cheap lunch!